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Its a little something i call the weekend..<3

So on friday i went to school.. got really mad at taylor for making me wait around last period to take him home, when in reality i could have left because there are no honors classes last period... so when he finally comes out he tells me that oh by the way, he doesnt need a ride. This is when i ever so sweetly tell him to piss off and to please suck a dick. Following that i go to work. I dont remember if i already said this but i saw a cat in the treatment room with its tongue hanging out, so i thought it was waking up from surgery... so i went over to it, said a few words and pet it. I walk out of the room and joana says.. dr corbo that cat is gunna die. i thought she was kidding. in ten seconds everyone is yelling for Ketophane and syringes. i ask joana whats going on and she tells me that the cat is dead. wow. i was upset. so i came home and told my parents and my dad says "you sent it to hell, huh?"... that was a joke? i couldn't hear his fake apologies through my deafening yells. So later i went to the nail place and got them fixed up a little bit. Then a trip to blockbuster was very much in need. So yeah, it was boring. talked to the beloved for the longest time on the telephone!

AND SATURDAY- went to work, all the appointments were double booked and i was the only tech.. got yelled at by the doctor because i "blew it" and made an "expensive mistake"... WELL I AWARD YOU ZERO POINTS AND MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL BECUASE THE SENSOR MESSED ITSELF UP AND IT WAS ONLY TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS YOU CHEAP WHORE. so she told me to stop pouting... this is when i yelled at her on accident and she apologizes.. so i have to stay overtime and finish everything up then rush to get my hair done. Then off to ama's house for ruben's second birthday party. Okay so then i talked to hundreads of my cousins.. then left for chelsea's grandma's house? that was cool.. then stonewood. then homecoming. i had alot of fun.. its always nice to see old friends!! so alicia and i had fun dancing and watching michael dimattia salivate over girls! jaja! soo nice seeing mandi, AUDRA!, matt, kelly and espeically lynnie! gosh i miss you guys! everyone looked great which is the coolest part of homecoming. my favorite part was seeing mikey's face when michael dimattia sandwiched his girlfriend. priceless moments these are.

and today i was woken up by ross. talked with him until i heard the anouncement that his flight was leaving.. and now he's home. awesome!
well i took ruben swimming today.. i <3 him
pictures to come soon.. until then go visit my ms.
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