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i only sleep when its raining.

hi. well allow me to say one thing first... nothing ever stays the same for me. And as much as that upsets me sometimes i think its that way for a reason. Like besides the reason that causes it to happen... i mean its purpose.

       People never fail to amaze me. The way people are.. the way i wish they were and sometimes the things the say. People will make sacrifices for you, they put their priorities aside, dropped everything from their fingertips and consoled you, gave you kind words of endearment, whatever it is that you needed. And yet you have the nerve to throw that shit down the drain. I want you to think about the friends you have and i want you to consider what they all have in common... why is it that you look for that? And its not always about how you act.. its about what you said and the way you said it. i hope that one day you will know what its like to hold the whole world in your hands then watch your fingers fall off. thats what i wish for you, and im alomst positive that it will happen... so hopefully you will have the right friends around to dry your tears you whiny little bitch.

     As for me...i'm just trying to find out where i belong. Its just never enough for me. Its not hard to keep my attention but lately im just not entertained in the least. I feel like soo much is missing and i cant understand why no one has depth. i mean are you really this way?? or do you pretend? i dont know i just am counting down the days until i leave... which might be soon. i want to study in spain for a while maybe. but idk.. its all up in the air

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