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why do people enjoy fucking me over. i ahve done nothing lately to desrve this. of this i am sure.

okay well yesterday [saturday] not a whole lot went down. i went to the mall and bought an extremely hot outfit. then i came home and went to the g-spot [not what it sounds like i swear. did a favor for jmoo. then came home and talked with iids for a while. then i was up fixin my myspace. its cute... but dont look at it yet because there are no pictures. he told me he loved me twice yesterday. it kind of scared me. but what scares me more is that i said it back. thats not saying much i know. and no it doesnt say that i love him like THAT. i aslo realized that taylor lied to me about something very improtant. stayed up late watching re-runs of nip/tuck.

sunday- we didnt go to church today which is odd. mom made breakfast. today i am upset. i am upset at you because no matter what i went through and what i know you saw that i went through, in the end you have the nerve to write what you did on that comment. because apparently mending things with a guy you were never friends with to begin, is a whole lot more valuable then how it would make me feel, right? i forget that the whole wide world has their priorities in check. woops, fuck me i should have known. so while you run your mind ragged thinking if im mad at you, and while you replay the things you have done and said recently... remember what you typed and the fact that you didn't consider that lying about not lying will not get you more friends... it could cause you to lose the one you are "closest" to. so keep twisting the knife.. it feels good.

[edit] forgiven but not forgotten
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