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hey guys.. well today was alright.. actually it lasted too long if you ask me. i had to go to verot this morning to get a homecoming form from my best alexander scott! i <3 ya hun! and then went to school blah blah blah... back to verot to drop it off.. then took Matej, Miki, and josef [czech kids] home.. that was ineteresting?
i was supposed to go to the anesthesia seminar but a car accident held up traffic.. so i went to the mall instead where i found the perfect dress for homecoming.. i know who buys two homecoming dresses...well i do... one for fmhs and one for verot.. the verot one is like amazing though.. too bad its like $300... hope mommy says yes. so then i was home.. and i talked to aida and ross for a while.. ahh you guys are awesome. mad love. then i watched "so you think you can dance" and it makes me miss it soo much.. so im going back to it. alot is going to happen in october.. i mean alot. we're talking californication. but whatever. im so sick of school right now.. like its a fucking joke.. you dont even know. i dont want to be in college just yet but damn highschool classes are definately borderline thats that i guess.

p.s. a big FUCK YOU FAGGOT goes out to the guy who thinks he is the shitt.. haha jp i <3 you

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